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  1. From 4runner to Tundra overlander

    Hey guys, I'm a lifetime 4runner guy. I'm on my fourth. My main one the Great White took me all around North America and Canada and now Costa Rica. It's a beast. Photo attached. I'm gonna buy a new truck this month and I never thought I'd switch but I think I'm interested in going Tundra and...
  2. Knocking/ticking 2014 4Runner

    Hey fellers, I have a light knocking or ticking sound at idle that sounds like a light main knocking in any other vehicle. Had the dealer listen at last oil change and they compared it to another '14 runner and they said it was the backup fuel or oil pump (can't remember). I'm not an idiot...
  3. 4Runner 3rd Gen Factory Service Manual

    I took all the parts for the 4Runner 3rd gen (1995-2002) factory service manual and combined them to make one very useful FSM, complete with bookmarks for each section and subsection, pages IN ORDER, and even a cover. It's hosted here. Enjoy! :D
  4. Wanted: Late Model 4Runner

    Vehicle Classifieds
    Looking to buy 2010 or newer 4WD 4Runner in middle Tenn. area. Black is the preferred color but Charcoal is a possibility. AT, and Tow Package a must. Every dang Black one at local dealers command premium price. I do not understand that since Toyota seems to sell more Silver and White than any...
  5. Questions about my New to me 2010 4Runner.

    Hello, I have been on this site for a while mainly for my Gen1 Tundra, but bought my wife a 2010 4Runner and looking for some information. Before anyone gets snappy, I have tried searching several ways to narrow down or get anything that matches tire size options for 2010 4Runner limited with...
  6. NEW* LED Grilles from Rigid Industries for Tundras, Tacomas, FJs, 4-Runners

    Hey Guys and Gals, We've got some new products from Rigid Industries we would like to introduce to you all. LED light bar sold separately. PM us for special pricing! *note* lights are shown for demonstration purpose only and are not included with the purchase of this product Toyota Tundra...
  7. Removing a TRD Supercharger - 2001 Toyota 4Runner 3.4L V6

    I realize that there are many people with experience installing the TRD Supercharger on 4Runners, Tacomas and T100s with the 3.4L V6 engine, but not so many people who have removed them and returned the vehicle to stock, but I would like to do just that. I have a 2001 Toyota 4Runner with that...
  8. Traded in my beloved Tundra...painful

    So bummed...had to as I needed the equity in the truck for my sons medical bills and to cut down the remaining definitely for a good cause...but man does it suck. I ended up in a basic 4Runner for now and while it is a great/nice vehicle, it just doesn't come close to the Tundra...
  9. Looking to get a 2000 tundra

    I've been looking to get a truck and sell my 2000 4wd v6 198K mile 4runner for a while now. I dirtbike, and am tired of trying to store a trailer. as well as moving furniture, and other truck related stuff. I found a 2000 4wd v8 150K mile ext cab Tundra for 6500. It seems like a good deal and...
  10. Toyota Releases 2013 Pricing For Tundra and Four Other Truck Models

    Toyota, Scion & Lexus News
    Toyota has just released the pricing for the 2013 Highlander, 4Runner, Sequoia, Tundra and FJ Cruiser. Along with the prices are some nice updates. The Toyota 4Runner is a body-on-frame SUV with three rows of seating. This is a serious truck with a very tough, powerful, heavy and hence...
  11. anyone selling there 2011 20" oem wheels from there 4runner??

    i like the way the 2011 4runner oem wheels look, if you have a set that are 20" oem 4runner wheels for sale, please let me know thank you.
  12. 2004 4runner transmission problem

    Ok folks. I'm at about the end of my rope here with a toyota 4runner problem, and I'm getting pretty desperate. Its a 2004, 4runner Sport Edition AWD with 84000 miles on it. Around August of this year, my transmission started to give me problems. It would start changing at the wrong times (go...
  13. Sudden HUGE drop in gas mileage??

    I have a 2000 Toyota 4runner with ~125k miles, and out of nowhere my gas milage dropped from 18/19mpg city to 9-10mpg. I took my 4runner to the dealer, who ran the diagnostic test and drove it around, and said they could not find anything wrong with it and the test did not display any codes. My...
  14. '97 4Runner won't engage in 4-HI

    First, thanks and kudos to the people on this forum. I just finished replacing the back latch handle on my Sequoia, and there's no way I could have done it without the detailed directions of forum participants here. As for my question, it has to do with the 4WD on my old, '97 Runner. I'm...
  15. Tacoma vs 4Runner vs FJ4 vs others - need some opinions

    Hi guys, I'm new to this fourm, but am a frequent member on the RCCA, Jemsite and Truckfourms. In a few months, I'll be done school and onto working in the world. I drove a 96 Ford Escort in my last job working for an environmental consulting firm. Needless to say, it fell short a few...
  16. 2001 4Runner left front wheel locks up and beeps 8 or 10 times

    Hello, when our 2001 4Runner, with 147K, occasionally turns a corner the left front wheel seems to lock up for a second or two, hear a groan from the front left wheel, and and then we hear 8 to 10 beeps. The occurs on high or low speed corners. I have a sway bar link kit on order, but what else...
  17. 2001 4Runner Turn Signal Failure

    My 2001 4Runner turn signals do not work. I have replaced the flasher even though the hazards work just fine. All of the bulbs are in good shape and I don't have any fuses blown. I replaced the turn signal switch that fixed an unrelated problem with my brights but did not fix my turn signal...
  18. 2000 V6 SR5 - shimmy while braking

    My entire dashboard shimmies when I brake from high speeds. It is especially noticeable when I have a heavy load (read: a few passengers). From what I've read on here so far, it seems the rotors would be a good place to start. Has anyone else had this problem with their '00 Runner? Or does...
  19. Air Suspension Driver Side Leak

    We have an '03 4Runner with a slow leak in the air suspension. It squats low on the driver side after turning off the vehicle. You can hear it. Toyota Dealer cannot find the leak. Their options were to replace bladder system or entire hose assembly(?) @ either $750+ or $250+ but could not...
  20. 2005 4Runner w/Nav - Need Aux In???

    Hello... I've been doing lots of searching trying to find if there is a solution to get a simple (aka cheap) auxiliary in to my Toyota nav head unit. I just really don't have a lot of interest in spending $200 for something like the Vaistech unit, when all I really want is auxiliary in. I...