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4wd indicator light

  1. 2001 Toyota Sequoia 4WD not engaging.

    Hello, This is my first post. I own a 2001 Toyota Sequoia with 217,000 miles in great condition. The other day, when a snow storm hit, I went to use my 4WD and it would not engage. So I decided to look into it further. I saw a post that said to spray the actuator with WD40 and give it a slight...
  2. 2001 Tundra 4WD Light Blinks But Engages. No 4LO Though.

    T-Case, Driveshaft, Diff, Axle, Hub
    I am getting the flashing 4HI light when I press the 4HI switch on my Tundra Access Cab, but the 4WD always engages. I cannot get it to go into 4LO though. I have searched all the 4WD light blinking threads on here and other forums, but can't find someone with the same problem. I did remove the...
  3. My tundra doesn't float. 4wd problems!

    I recently tried crossing a low water bridge in 4wd, due to to recent flooding a few holes had opened up. I dropped my intake in the water sucking water in and shutting me down immediately. After retrieving my 2005 tundra from the water and realizing I had blown a hole the size of a baseball in...
  4. 4x4 Light Blinking

    2001 Tundra Extend Cab. Well, I'm not doing too good with this one. For a while now, my 4WD has refused to engage. I've spent 3 full days at the dealer, and they've tested the actuators, switch and wiring. Still, no dice. I go to engage the 4WD, the light on the switch blinks, I hear the...