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  1. Bilstein 5100 on 5th Notch.

    I'll be taking the Sequoia in to get some SPC UCA installed along with a pair of new swaybar end links from LCE Performance. Has anyone used the 5th/top notch on the 5100's? I want to go a little higher on the front as I will also be installing some Firestone Coil Bags. The Sequoia is a 4x2...
  2. [SOCAL] 07+ *NEW Bilstein 5100 front shocks & ~ 1" LRO alum tapered rear lift block

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    sold No longer available. sold!
  3. Bilstein 5100's whats the deal

    OK, so I have an 04 Toyota Sequoia Limited 4WD. I am currently running Bilstein 5100's. I need to replace them and doing some research there is no real clear answer other than from the "horses mouth" at Bilstein. If you look around you will find the "old" number as 24-188265. When you search...
  4. Bilstein 5100 & Alignment

    Hey guys. Recently picked up a 2002 Sequoia. It came with 285/75/16's and major rubbing problems... frame was nice and polished and mudflaps cracked :) So, I threw some 1.25 spacers which got it off the frame. Also put in some adjustable 5100's on the 2nd from top notch and diff drop. No...
  5. Caster too high?

    Tire, Wheel, and Alignment
    I went today and got my truck aligned since I just put on Bilstein 5100's in the front. I took Dj's specs with me and they said they got the camber and total toe dead on but they couldn't get my Caster up to 2 degrees. They messed with it for three and a half hours and got the sides even with...
  6. Bilstein 5100 for 2nd gen tundra for sale

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    I have a set of brand new Bilstein 5100's up for sale. Asking $150 picked up in southern california or you pay shipping. These are for the 2nd gen tundra.
  7. Bilstein 5100 strut install WITHOUT using spring compressors?

    Suspension, Axles, Brakes
    ​Just curious if anyone here has ever attempted this on a 1st gen Tundra = I have found several videos and comments on the net of people doing this on Tacomas but I can't find anything on whether or not it's possible on a 2006 Tundra. I'm sure it's...
  8. Pop When Turning (5100s on 4th notch)

    Hey everyone, I was a pretty active member here for a while but I found my time was being consumed by other things so this fell by the wayside. Anyways, hello to everyone here and thanks for your continued help. So, I have developed a pop that sounds like it's coming from the front left of the...
  9. 5100s, spacers and terra grapplers for beefier stock look on CM TRD

    I have a 2010 2wd CM TRD. The truck primarily sees city and highway miles with some light beach and field duty. My goal is to give the truck a beefier look and my current strategy is to put 5100s up front only, 1.5 hub centric spacers all around, and replace stock 275s with 285/65/18 Terra...
  10. Broken 5100

    I snapped my front left 5100 Bilstein strut last week. Driving in the desert at 30mph. Definitely wasn't doing anything which should have compromised my struts. Very disappointed in the 5100. Apparently made for pavement Queens.
  11. 1st Gen 5100s Question on 4th or 5th Notch, block in rear?

    I've been a long time viewer of the forum but first time posting. I'm about ready to pull the trigger on the Bilstein 5100 upgrade (front and back) for my 2001 AC because it's about time and based on everything I've read I probably should have done this years ago. I've decided to keep the truck...
  12. Bilstein 5100's & an Unhappy Lift

    Hey gang, I am relatively new to the forum though I've been reading a ton here. I am having an issue with a suspension lift I just did and was hoping that you could help. Here's my scenario: I have a 2003 Tundra AC with 175k. I bought the truck at 125k with a leveling kit up front. It had...
  13. Rear Shock Help

    Does anyone know a part number for a 5100 that will work on the Air Suspension? I measure ~24" extended length and 14" compressed...which is the close to the Tundra and Tacoma. The only issue is the lower mounting pin is larger than any other shock I can find. I want 5100's to match my...
  14. 5100 level pictures

    anyone have 5100 leveled pictures? before and after?
  15. billy 5100's 06 DC lift amount??

    Ok guys, I know that many of you are running the 5100 billy's and love them. And after some careful reading am seeing that installing a ready lift leveling kit can lead to some problems down the road. So my reading has lead me to think that a good way to level my truck, upgrade the shocks...
  16. New Bilstein 5100 questions

    Hello all I just recently had a new frame put on my 2000 tundra (rusty frame recall)...and I decided to use the opportunity to get some new billy 5100's installed. I bought the shocks, preset the fronts on 2.5" of lift, and wasn't sure how to set the back to 1" of lift (the product...
  17. Install-Bilstein 5100s on 2010 Tundra CM-2.5" lift

    Got my CM back from the dealer today after the Bilstein 5100 front shock install. Man, it really looks good and levels the truck perfectly. I've learned alot from this forum, especially through the picture galleries, so please check out the after photos in my album. Thanks to all of you for your...
  18. recently did the toy tec 3'' w/ bilsteins 5100's

    hey i recently did the 3'' toy tec lift with the bilsteins 5100's and i must say wow what a difference in ride with the shocks !!! i love them even only having them for a few days, the 3'' toy tec lift tho love the stance but its kinda cheap and the 1/2'' strut spacers barely even fit with the...
  19. Bilstein 5100/Min Lift/Ride Quality

    I've read 20+ pages of guys using notch 2, 3, and it appears in some cases notch 4 on these shocks. I've read about realignment, CV boot upgrades, and blocks in the rear. What I would like to do is install these at notch 1 (minimum lift over factory). Question: Will this effect getting the...
  20. Fog light MOD

    I just did a fog light mod that I found in this forum .The one I did you jump the fog lights red wire with the yellow stripe right behind the switch to the green dimmer control wire . This lets you run the fog lights independently at the switch when the parking lights are on . I also ran new...