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  1. FS: 2007 Supercharged-minor accident total-FS

    Gen2 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2007-current)
    Hello all. Been a long time since I have been on, but you can find my other posts under Dragaeran. Unfortunately, last week I placed the front end of the Tundra into the rear of a large steel trailer and it tore the tow hook and bent the front frame. Insurance has called it a total loss. I have...
  2. 2007 RCSB Rescue

    I had been looking for a 5.7L RCSB locally since the first of the year (2017), and all of the ones I found were asking over $12K. Well, I didn't want to spend that much before making the desired changes. Anyway, I had basically given up when this one popped-up on Craigslist in a town about 75...
  3. '08 2WD Regular Cab 5.7L 6-Spd AT 'GRADE'

    I was out looking for a newer pre-owned Toyota V8 truck/suv to replace my totally practical '10 4 cylinder Camry LE when I stumbled upon an '08 Regular Cab, short bed, 2wd 5.7L 6-Spd AT 'GRADE' truck. It's the first 2nd generation Tundra I have driven, and I loved it. After looking around...
  4. Air Induction Valve Wiring Harness

    I am looking for a part number and I hope you guys can help. Longtime Tacoma owner about to upgrade to a 2008 CrewMax Tundra. I need the wiring harnesses that connect to the air induction valve (see photo). The engine is being rebuilt and this is the final piece. Can anyone help me out...
  5. Wyoming Tundra (first time owner)

    New Member Introductions
    Scott from Wyoming here... The Mrs. got her Toyota Sienna a few years ago so she gave into my Tundra craving (after hearing me go on and on about them for several years). I'd been working on her for a while... leaving things laying around so she could see them like brochures, newspaper adds...
  6. 2008 5.7 broke connecting rod

    Engine & Drivetrain
    My truck is a 2008 Tundra TRD with 5.7L (3URFE) that has 67k miles on it when a connecting rod decided to break, causing the motor to lock up. Luckily the block was not damaged, but the crankshaft has minimal scarring that could be fixed by turning it down a bit. I am having problems finding...
  7. bilstein 5100 question for 5.7 Rock Warrior Crew Max

    I might be interested in upgrading to the bilstein 5100's for a little extra lift. I have a few concerns: 1) Is the rear differential spacer recommended? 2) does it effect effect towing? I was looking at the Low Range 3-1 lift but I might be able to get a deal on these. Any insight is greatly...
  8. Dreaded Cam Tower/Valve Cover Leak 5.7L

    Hello All, Just had a quick question on the issue with the 5.7L cam tower/valve cover oil leak. I have read every thread even remotely associated with this problem on here as well as tundratalk and yotatech. Anyone ever done this repair outside of the warranty? I purchased our Tundra used...
  9. 4.6L or 5.7L

    What if the Big difference between 4.6L an 5.7L... I dont really plan on pulling anything.. just fixin up the truck and crusing. Maybe a Lift later on with 35" tires... no off roading planned