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    Love my '04 Tundra SR5, but she doesn't love me right now. My ABS light is on in the dash and my brakes are cutting in and out. Brand new rotors and pads up front. Drum brakes are in decent shape in the back. Brake fluid is good. Took it to a local shop and they said I new a new rear end...
  2. 2010 Toyota Tundra TRD - ABS Going Crazy after Rear Brake / Rotor Job

    I am fairly new to this forum so I apologize if I have posted this thread incorrectly. I recently had the dealership replace the rear brakes and rotors and now when I'm cornering an on/off ramp (seems cornering anything above 20-25mph) my ABS goes nuts even when I'm not implementing the...
  3. Can't clear ABS code after replacing sensor

    '04 Tundra has code 33 RR speed sensor malfunction code. I broke the sensor trying to get it out to check it for debris. I replaced the sensor, but can't clear the code with the jumper/hit the brakes 8 times or using hand held reader. Any ideas?
  4. ABS Light ON since crash. Get DTC without tool? Chilton/Bentley owner out there?

    [NO_ADS]First of all... I have searched many posts about ABS lights, DTCs, etc. The information is scattered, unreliable. Now enjoy my somewhat lengthy anecdote... The ABS light in a 2004/5 Tundra Access Cab (2UZ-FE, with 50k miles) has been illuminated constantly since the owner got stuck in...
  5. Need Help Identifying a part! on 2001 toyota tundra

    Need help Identifying a part on my 2001 4wd v8 limited toyota tundra They are leading towards the abs sensors and MY ABS LIGHT IS on! Im not sure if these little parts have anything...