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advanced auto

  1. Advance Auto has 20% going on

    Thought I would throw this out to eveyone. Advance Auto parts has 20% off right now. I also was in there and both seafoam and Techron was were on sale, or buy one get one. Not sure if I would get many actual parts there. But good for car care, additives, wiper blades.... you get the idea...
  2. Got roll on bed liner cheap for my rocker panels with coupon codes for advanced auto!

    Well I have been looking around for some bedliner to use on my rocker panels for a while now. I have looked at the herculiner, duplicolor liner, rustoleum, bondo, and the Bed Armor by duplicolor. I ened up going with the bed armor because of the awesome deal I found on it. The kit I got (1...