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  1. Want to tow with 03 tundra sr5 trd

    I have a 2003 tundra with 135k miles. Runs very well and it was my fathers who passed away. My family wants to buy a travel trailer which I would use this truck to tow. First, are there upgrades to the truck that would beef up the towing ability? Gvwr is 6200. I'm concerned about getting a...
  2. Advice please.

    hey guys, I live in UAE and recently I got some 28s rims from USA.:D Here is a problem, when I ordered the rims they havent been tested on a tundra there as they said they know the dimensions and so on. Anyway, the rims wont fit because there is a slop in back of the center on the stock rims...
  3. some maintenance..

    I'm looking to do some service on my sequoia before the winter comes up here in new york and i just wanted to ask to make sure I'd be putting in some good stuff.. my sequoia has about 95k miles on it and i never changed the rotors.. i was looking to change them this year what do you guys think...
  4. Lift combo advice. 2010 5.7l 4WD Double cab

    So it seems that i'm probably going to go with the Procomp 6" lift (Been having a lot of issues with camel grass hitting the under-body). And it seems that there is mixed feeling about which coil-overs and spacers to put what is everybody feeling? For the coil-overs it seems that...
  5. Off-roading Mods advice. 2010 TRD 5.7L.

    Alright fellas i need some advice on some mods for my 4WD 2010 5.7L TRD 1 and a half cab tundra. Ive heard numerous opinions on lifts, shocks, overcoils, tires and so on. I need some good advice on what is best for SAND performance (and a bit of rock...but nothing to serious) but without a...