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  1. Oil Free filter CAI, Volant VS aFe

    I am looking for a CAI with an oil free filter. So far I have only found two, Volant Powercore filter and aFe Stage 2 Pro dry filter. I am trying to to decide between the two. I was wondering if anyone could give me reviews of the two, good or bad. And if anyone does have a Volant with the...
  2. Exaust system sale! BORLA, MAG, GIBSON, Volant, AFE

    Group Buys and Vendor Specials with another round of discounted product for our Tundra Solution friends. Check out our exhaust offerings below. Free Shipping! AFE 10% off AJ-USA Webprice. Call or email to order BORLA 5% off AJ-USA Webprice. Call or email to order GIBSON Lowered web prices! Still another 5%...
  3. Intakes and More Intakes!

    Group Buys and Vendor Specials
    Looking to boost the performance, mileage and sound of your Tundra? has a wide selection of intakes from the top manufacturers and every accessory to go with them like pre-wraps, service kits, replacement parts. 10% off all AEM Intake Systems, free shipping! 10% off all AFE /...
  4. Throttle body spacer

    i am debating of getting a throttle body spacer for my tundra 5.7L... what do you guys think about TBS?
  5. AFE Intake: Your opinions

    I searched the forums and found a guy who installed an AFE Intake on his Tundra, but he didn't respond back to questions about horsepower gain or gas mileage improvements. My question to you guys is if you have one, or have had one in the past, what do you think of them? I'm not expecting a...