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  1. Ride Rite 2245 2006 Tundra Help on the install

    Suspension, Axles, Brakes
    I have gone through the instructions front to back. Non of the instructions have said to drill the frame. Has anyone else installed these? Ive looked through the threads and could not find any discussing these issues. Thank you for your help.
  2. Intermittent Problem w/ Rear Air Suspension

    I've got a 2005 limited w/ rear air suspension. 130k miles. Some mornings, but not every morning...once or twice a week, the rear air bags will be empty and the back end is squatted down. Start her up, the compressor kicks on, airs them up to normal, and all is ok. The rest of the time, the...
  3. Has anyone Lifted a 08+ Platinum Sequoia?

    Looking for some of your wisdom guys! Has anyone lifted a Platinum Sequoia with the Air Suspension on the rear? I asked a Toytoa "expert" and was told that you can NOT raise the rear as it has airbags. His exact reply "As far as the rear suspension- no that cannot be done. If you adjust...
  4. 2006 4.7 DC OBD II code P0196

    My passenger side air back ALWAYS says off and i have a picture of the air bag deployed in my dash so i went to get it scanned and i got a reading of P0196 and was wondering if someone can further explain that to me thanks! i've looked into it but not sure if it applies to the air bags code...