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  1. 2Gen-Audio & Electronics
    This setup will sound awesome and keep your stock Factory Head Unit ================================================== Important First thing first when working on electrical equipment on your vehicle the first bolt you will unfasten will be the NEGATIVE bolt on the vehicles 12V Battery post...
  2. Audio & Stereo
    i own a 2011 tundra crewmax with the base audio package (horrible) and decided to do a complete overhaul on my system. the hu is a kenwood w/ all the bells and whistles; rockford "shallow" 12 inch sub (they suggested a 12" if i am only doing one sub) w/ a prefab box; a rockford 400w amp; hertz...
  3. 2Gen-Tundra
    Putting together a complete system for my 2007 Tundra Crewmax and I am stumped on which subs to use. I am trying to decide between two JL 13TW5-3 slim 13.5" subs or two Alpine SWR-T12 slim 12" subs. The subs will be mounted in a custom enclosure behind my rear seat and powered by an Alpine...
1-3 of 3 Results