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  1. '03 Sequoia - Power Antenna is freezing

    Has anyone experienced an issue with the power antenna on their Sequoia freezing in cold temps? On mine, for many years now, the antenna will not raise up in cold temps (@ or below freezing). Sometimes it will move a few inches and stop. Once the temp warms up it works just fine. What could...
  2. JBL Nav GPS Question

    Does anyone know if the orientation of the gps antenna on the JBL nav unit matter at all? Does it need to be facing a certain direction or be mounted in a certain spot in the vehicle? Thank you.
  3. OEM XM Radio on 2007 Tundra - Need Some Help

    Audio & Stereo
    I need some help from the TS community. Half a dozen forum searches have not produced an answer, so here goes. I've got a 2007 Tundra with the JBL audio system, it came "XM satellite ready". Back when I bought the vehicle, I purchased what was advertised as an OEM XM satellite kit on eBay. I...
  4. Loose Antenna

    I have been doing some reading here and looking for an answer on how to fix my loose antenna. I have a 2000 Tundra Black, 4.7, 4x4, TRD, Limited. The thing always seems to be loose, i cant tighten it:mad: i just want to know if anyone has found a suitable fix for this problem. I realize that it...
  5. CB Radio

    Anyone got any suggestions for a good durable CB radio (and antenna) for my 05 Tacoma when I'm out being a weekend arroyo warrior in an area with no cell service?
  6. How do I tighten a loose antenna

    Audio & Stereo
    I have an '02 tundra with unpowered antenna that has come loose. My dealership says I need to remove the right front wheel and wheel well cover to access the underside of the antenna to tighten it. Is there anyway to easily access it without removing the wheel?
  7. Radio Antenna wire

    I just installed a new sony Mex-Bt2600 with the harness all set up in the unit as a part of "updating" my entire car stereo. but i havent figured out how to connect the original car antenna to the harness. anyone know what color wire it is? or where its located? :unsure: