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  1. Mobil 1 okay in older tranny?

    I bought an '03 LTD in Dec 2010 - its currently got 103k miles. Still in the process of switching over to synthetics - got engine, diffs, and brake fluid done so far. I want to flush the tranny (low flow), change the filter, and replace with Mobil 1 ATF. Is the synth okay or should I just...
  2. WS ATF in transmission and differential vs T-IV ATF

    2007 Sequoia 2WD :attention: I have been told by the dealer that the Sequoia's transmission and differential are supposed to use World Standard WS ATF only. Currently I am using T-IV in the transmission and 80W90 gear oil in the differential. I am starting to hear a whining noise coming from the...
  3. Transmission Flush Myths- Busted!

    Transmission Flush Myths- Busted! Anyone who is even remotely involved with cars has heard this type of story- someone that they know got a transmission flush and their transmission failed within weeks or even days. The urban legend behind this is that the “sludge” is all that was holding the...
  4. how to remove dipstick pipe from atf drain pan

    I am in the process of doing atf flush for my wife's 02 sequoia. I drained the fluid from the drain plug, removed the 20 bolts, and dropped the pan. But the dipstick is attached to the pan. It's kinda dark under the truck and I am afraid of bending the dipstick pipe too out of shape, so I didn't...
  5. transmission flush and fluid source

    Hi, I am considering a DIY transmission flush for my wife's 02 sequoia. I remembered that I have seen a detailed tutorial on this topic before, but I spent an hour trying to find it again and had no luck so far. Can someone point me to the right direction? Also, I want to use full Synthetic ATF...