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  1. FS: 2008 Tundra Used Auto Trans 5.7L w Tow Package - 77386 Greater Houston Area

    Gen2 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2007-current)
    So I just swapped out the transmission in my Tundra for another. I have a 2008 Tundra 5.7L w the tow package. Now I also have a tranny w/ roughly 215,000 miles on it and hate to just scrap it, but I have no room for it. The trouble codes that lead me to just change it out are: P0752: Shift...
  2. 2013 Tundra Shifting

    Hello, I recently purchased a 2013 Tundra from the auction. This is my first full size truck, and my previous Tacoma was a manual transmission. Before that I had 2 Honda Accords, which required two transmission replacements, hence the following manual transmission. So its been a while since I...