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  1. 2001 Stock Stereo/Swap Questions

    1Gen-Audio & Electronics
    Hey everyone, before you nag on me I did read through several pages of threads trying to find the answer to my question but didn't see it anywhere. Alright so I just got my 2001 Tundra and I wanted to know if there is a way to run an aux jack from the back of it? I have it taken out and I know...
  2. 08 Sequoia Rear Seat Video AUX+DVD on Front Screen w/Audio!

    Audio & Stereo
    Hello all, I have gathered a good bit of information from these posts and decided I would post some info I had a lot of time invested in researching. Here is my Question and my Answer: Goal: I want to display the DVD movie playing from the RSE in the front so my wife can control the DVD...
  3. 2005 4Runner w/Nav - Need Aux In???

    Hello... I've been doing lots of searching trying to find if there is a solution to get a simple (aka cheap) auxiliary in to my Toyota nav head unit. I just really don't have a lot of interest in spending $200 for something like the Vaistech unit, when all I really want is auxiliary in. I...