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  1. Avalon
    Hi, i have an 02 avalon xls with a 7 speaker jbl sound system (jbl 86160-ac180), my 8'' rear deck speaker blew and i want to put a MTX 10'' in its place. My question is how can i keep my stock radio but add an amp to power the 10'' sub? Will the Metra 70-8113 fit the empty slot on back of radio...
  2. Avalon
    I have a 1998 Avalon that I bought new. It has about 50k miles and has been well maintained. The only major service has been a timing belt/water pump change about 6 months ago. First, I want to apologize for the length of this posting. Second, I am learning how difficult it can be to...
  3. Avalon
    Last weekend, I was looking over my fluid levels, belt and hose conditions in my 97 Avalon and noticed that I didn't have any coolant in my reservoir. I topped it off to the Min mark. On my way to work this morning, I noticed that my temp gauge was getting hotter than it's ever been so I...
  4. Avalon
    I have a 1997 Avalon XLS that has the Touring package and 175k miles on it. The struts are shot and when I called the local dealership for pricing, the parts to replace the OEM struts would be $783! I'd obviously like to do something a little more cost effective for such an older car but does...
  5. Avalon
    I figured since I figured all this out I would update my post to be helpful to others in figuring this out so Im editing this first post... I have a attached a picture with instructions on how to remove the door panel. Once youve figured it all out, its very easy and you're done in less than 5...
  6. Avalon
    How do you get to the 3 rear spark plugs under the intake manifold? I can't even see them, let alone get my hands anywhere close enough to feel around so that I can remove the coil packs and then the plugs. Do I really have to take off the intake manifold, or is there an easier method?
  7. Avalon
    :oMy wife just got a Limited AV 09, I test drove it and when I go to slow down for a stop sign I noticed a shudder in the car as I approched the stop sign. Is this normal? The car is very nice, anyone know top speed? Happy Gilmore04tun
1-7 of 7 Results