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backup cameras

  1. Quick Backup Camera Questions

    2008 Crewmax. I have a flip down monitor coming in the mail to replace the sunglass area. Two questions: Does anyone have a picture of what the rear camera plug n play plug looks like and where, approximatly, I can find it. Can this camera (or one similar) be wired into the wiring in the...
  2. Tundra Backup Cameras Plug and Play!!!

    Sparks Toyota
    Hey guys! We just got in a shipment of Plug and Play camera kits for the 2007-2009 Tundra with the overhead monitors in Gray or Tan. The 2010+ ones will be in soon as well! The pricing can't be beat :D Check it out here: Announcing new line of parts and sale prices of course!!! | Facebook...
  3. backup camera and mirror

    members, i'm looking to see if there is an interest of tundra owners who are looking to add the 2010 version of the backup camera and mirror to their trucks. i have contacted mito and we can save quite a bit of money putting together a group buy. The mirror is the newer Gentex 3.3" 50-2010 TUN...