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  1. Aftermarket Backup camera in bumper. Where to access the reverse light wire since our lights are in the hatch! 2010 Sequoia SR5

    So I thought.... "I'm not going to fuss with putting the aftermarket camera in the factory spot and trying to feed wires through all those hoses and crap... I'll put it in the bumper and tap into the reverse light wire in the .... oh crap! It's in the hatch!" Doh! I pulled the reverse light...
  2. Installing Ridgid LED back up lights in bumper

    Electrical & Computer Systems
    Has anyone tried installing the Rigid flat mount LED lights into the back bumper. I looked up under there and there just is not much space to cut out a spot. Something like this photo...
  3. Reverse wire in rear hatch

    Does anyone know which color wire is the reverse wire in the rear hatch loom? I'm installing a backup camera on the rear tailgate next to the license plate. I know the yellow/black wire behind the instrument cluster will trigger the monitor when the Sequoia is put in reverse, but need to splice...
  4. Backup Beeper Wiring point? 2001 SR5

    I want to wire in a backup beeper for my 2001 SR5 Sequioa. Anyone know where I can find the place to wire it in? I've pulled the rear tail-light assemblies, but the wires are all bundled together and I'm not seeing a good place to bring the wire in either. TIA, Owen
  5. Backup Beeper Wiring point?

    I want to install a backup beeper on my 2001 Toyota Sequoia. Anyone know where I can get to the wire that goes to the backup lights? I tried pulling out the rear light assembly, but it's wired tight and enclosed so it's hard to get to the wires. Anyone know of a convenient point where I can...
  6. 2003 Sequoia Color Code License Plate Light

    Anyone know the color code for the license plate lights? I am installing a back-up camera and would like to use it on demand, not just in reverse. I've decided to power it whenever the headlights are on, and would like to splice it into the license plate light wiring at the top of the hatch...
  7. Replace OEM Backup Monitor with GPS Monitor

    This is for a 2007 Tundra. I have a 7" GPS that has a video input. My OEM backup monitor is very small. Maybe 2" at most. I took it off but saw a multi wire harness and did not want to proceed. Looking for either help on which wires to use for an external display or some sort of wiring...
  8. Back up camera installation

    I just bought a 2011 Tundra crew max with the Rock Warrior package and want to install the oem back up camera in the mirror..... Is this possible, the dealer says they discontinued selling them back in 09 for the tundra. I would like to get the one in the tailgate handle and the auto dimm mirror...
  9. Adding Backup Camera to Tundra SR5 (No Navigation)

    I want to add the backup camera and monitor to my 2010 crewmax (no navigation). For the camera, I want to use the OEM camera that built into the tailgate handle. For the monitor, I want to use the origial OEM monitor (not the flip down one) When I put the tailgate down, I can see the...
  10. How to convert 4-way trailer wiring to 5-way on 2004 Sienna??

    I would like to add trailer brakes to my boat trailer. In the past, I have owned a boat trailer with disc brakes and a electric reverse backflow solenoid, that prevented the brakes from engaging when the vehicle was in reverse. This set-up worked great on the Tundra with the 7 way wiring. I...
  11. Reverse Proxymity Sensors for 02 Tundra

    Hey every one I'm new to this site, well been observing for a while but just registered today so hi. My dad gave me his 02 DC Tundra and i have had my license for about 5 months now and I still haven't really gotten used to sensing how close an object or car is behind me yet (i managed to get a...
  12. Convex mirror

    Does anyone know where I can get one of those convex mirrors that attach to the corner of a crewmax truck that you might see on a FedEx, UPS or a bread truck? You know I was thinking about buying one of those backup cameras that attach to the license plate and I found one but the cheap ones go...
  13. Backup Monitor

    I am looking for a wire that will provide 12v when the truck is in reverse. It will power a backup monitor. I have looked through the manual and found a wire in the driver kick panel that seems to be the backup light wire. It is Red/Black connector IL2 pin 2 but when I test what I think is...