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  1. Group Buys and Vendor Specials
    Hey everyone! I know it has been a while since we have posted in here but we are getting active again! I'm going to kick it off with an exclusive forum-only special group buy for our most popular cover, the BAKFLIP MX4, and the Truxedo Pro X15. The MX4 is compatible w/ or w/o the factory deck...
  2. Truck Bed Tonneau Covers
    Tonneau Cover Buying Guide Hello all! I've viewed several posts recently with members asking which cover should they buy? While it's impossible to compile every cover and comparison into a single post, I wanted to put together a general guide to assist in making a decision. I'm going to try to...
  3. Truck Bed Tonneau Covers
    Do you find "folding" better than "retractable" for SHORT BEDS? Which ones? It dawned on me that I need to stop looking at the nice retractables as they will take up about 15" of the precious small space I have already in my 5'6" Tundra bed. So I turned to folding since we're installing a 5th...
1-3 of 3 Results