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bilstein 5100 shocks


    Looking for lowest prices on Bilstein shocks??? has the lowest prices on Bilstein shocks, + an additional savings of $5 - $10 off your order! Exclusive to Tundra Solutions members only! Save an additional $5 on a pair of Bilstein shocks! Save an additional $10 on a set of...
  2. Just got 14' Tundra DC - Info on L.A. CA Bilstein 5100 installers?

    New Member Introductions
    Hello All, I just traded in my 04' Sequoia and picked up a 14' Tundra Double Cab. Looking to level truck out...Ive seen lots of posts on the Bilstein 5100's so I thought I'd give them a try. Wanted to know what the best Los Angeles area shop to buy these and have them installed at? Are 5100's...
  3. LT275/65R20/E tires with Bilstein front shocks in the mid position?

    I have a ready lift 3" front installed now but, I'm getting the Bilstein adjustable front shocks installed very soon. I also need to prepare for new tires which will be Michelin LTX AT2's sized LT275/65R20/E. Will they clear or rub on the middle shock position without the spacer lift? The...
  4. 2011 RW TRD Double Cab w/Western HTS Plow

    I am looking to add a Western HTS plow to my 2011 RW TRD Double Cab. I want to know if anyone would recommend doing anything to the front end of the truck for the additional weight. I wanted to get some insight whether I should put the Bilstein 5100's in the front or not. Also, I will be...