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  1. Bilstein 5100 on 5th Notch.

    I'll be taking the Sequoia in to get some SPC UCA installed along with a pair of new swaybar end links from LCE Performance. Has anyone used the 5th/top notch on the 5100's? I want to go a little higher on the front as I will also be installing some Firestone Coil Bags. The Sequoia is a 4x2...
  2. Bilstein 5100's whats the deal

    OK, so I have an 04 Toyota Sequoia Limited 4WD. I am currently running Bilstein 5100's. I need to replace them and doing some research there is no real clear answer other than from the "horses mouth" at Bilstein. If you look around you will find the "old" number as 24-188265. When you search...

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  4. Bilstein 5100 & Alignment

    Hey guys. Recently picked up a 2002 Sequoia. It came with 285/75/16's and major rubbing problems... frame was nice and polished and mudflaps cracked :) So, I threw some 1.25 spacers which got it off the frame. Also put in some adjustable 5100's on the 2nd from top notch and diff drop. No...
  5. Bilstein 5100 for 2nd gen tundra for sale

    General Classifieds and Miscellaneous Items For Sa
    I have a set of brand new Bilstein 5100's up for sale. Asking $150 picked up in southern california or you pay shipping. These are for the 2nd gen tundra.
  6. Shock Suggestions

    My Bilstein 5100's have disappointed me, my left front blew out and my right is leaking from a crack at the base, this happened out on the trail at Great Sand Dunes National Park in CO. Any suggestions for a relatively similarly priced shocks that are equally fit for mild 4wheeling and regular...
  7. Pop When Turning (5100s on 4th notch)

    Hey everyone, I was a pretty active member here for a while but I found my time was being consumed by other things so this fell by the wayside. Anyways, hello to everyone here and thanks for your continued help. So, I have developed a pop that sounds like it's coming from the front left of the...
  8. Will a 2.5 bilstein lift cause bad tire wear?

    Tire, Wheel, and Alignment
    Want to buy bilstein shocks to lift the truck 2.5 inches. Asked my uncle (who works at a Toyota dealership) what he thought about it and he said my tires will wear uneven and it's impossible to get them aligned. Is this true? I've never heard that before, an alignment should be able to be done...
  9. 1st Gen 5100s Question on 4th or 5th Notch, block in rear?

    I've been a long time viewer of the forum but first time posting. I'm about ready to pull the trigger on the Bilstein 5100 upgrade (front and back) for my 2001 AC because it's about time and based on everything I've read I probably should have done this years ago. I've decided to keep the truck...
  10. Bilstein 5100's & an Unhappy Lift

    Hey gang, I am relatively new to the forum though I've been reading a ton here. I am having an issue with a suspension lift I just did and was hoping that you could help. Here's my scenario: I have a 2003 Tundra AC with 175k. I bought the truck at 125k with a leveling kit up front. It had...
  11. How to remove front bumper???

    Okay.. before everyone starts to go on a rant! YES YES! I did do many of searches but come up with nothing on how to remove the front bumper off the AC Tundra model... so here is the problem.. i am trying to narrow down the popping or clunking noise coming from the front passenger side of my...
  12. Bilstein 5100 BUMPSTOP ORDER??? PLEASE HELP!!!

    Well guys, I am new to the site. And I have searched for the answer to my question for two days now.... Nobody has the answer and Bilsteins customer support is closed..... So here goes, I am in the process of installing my 5100 adjustables on my 2000 2wd Access cab.... Well... As you...
  13. All the goodies are in!!! Bilstein 5100 and AAL...

    All the goodies are in!!! Bilstein 5100 and AAL... (PICS) okay.. i got all the goodies!!! just came in today... the goodies includes: Ajusa: Bilstein 5100 Front & Rear (Ajusa got the best f*cken deal on Bilstein! I've searched everywhere.. and i gotta say! they got the best price...
  14. AAL and U Bolts

    Suspension & Axle
    okay.. i just recently purchase an add a leaf from fatbobsgarage and is soon to put it on my truck.. and i just realized if i need new U bolts or can i just reused the old ones?? any input on this?
  15. Stock bilstein shocks on 2012 Tundra TRD

    Does anyone know if the stock 2012 TRD shocks are adjustable or do I need the 5100's to be able to do that. I added the 3" coil spacer but feel its still not really level. I'm looking to get an extra inch or so in the front.. Any ideas???
  16. Single Tire Scrubbing, HELP!

    I installed Bilstein Ride-height Adjustables on my 2000 Tundra this past week, which theoretically gave me 2.5 inches of clearance. But now, my 285/75/r16 BFG A/Ts (16x8 rims) are scrubbing. I expected a little, but here is my dilemma: The left front tire only scrubs when the truck is turning...
  17. Just a few questions..

    hey yota nation, so i got some ideas runnin around my head and i just wanna run it by you guys. so here they are, i have a 3in body lift on the truck right now. i hate it! so how easy or hard would it be and what size where the original body mounts? second i know the 5100s have been beat...
  18. HELP! Is it time to replace my Coil Springs?

    So, after getting much helpfull advice on how to fix the problem of my coil springs rubbing on my balljoints I have decided to buy new Camburg UCA's and put Bilstein adjustable struts in the front and Bilstein 5100's in the rear with my 1" blocks (taking out my spacers and shooting the F*****s...
  19. New Bilstein 5100 questions

    Hello all I just recently had a new frame put on my 2000 tundra (rusty frame recall)...and I decided to use the opportunity to get some new billy 5100's installed. I bought the shocks, preset the fronts on 2.5" of lift, and wasn't sure how to set the back to 1" of lift (the product...
  20. 2004 SR5 2WD Tire Size Expectation w/ Bilstein 5100

    Hello, After coming across the thread regarding the OME rear springs I became worried my plans might not work. I've ordered and received the Bilstein 5100 fronts and stock replacement Bilstein's for the rear. I was planning on leveling the front as close as possible with the rear and...