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  1. radio repair

    Audio & Stereo
    1st time posting, usually just reading to figure out a problem or how to do. 07 tundra limited, cleaned the battery connections and then nav quit working then the radio and other functions. checked all the fuses, all good. tried all the reset procedures listed here and else were, no luck. this...
  2. 2014 Tundra "waiting for Bluetooth"

    Audio & Stereo
    Background: I have 2014 Tundra SR5, no navigation. iPhone5 paired correctly via bluetooth in July 2014. LG G2 paired correctly in April 2015. I went to add (pair) my newly purchased iPhone6 to my Tundra in June 2015; the radio displayed "waiting for Bluetooth". I tried for 3 days to figure...
  3. Gen 2 Sequoia Blue Tooth drops connection with Iphone

    I have a 2013 with the smaller nav screen head unit and I pair it with my Iphone 5 (7.0.6). It has started losing bluetooth connection on a regular basis. This occurs all-of-a-sudden while driving. Sometimes just the audio is lost and other times both audio and phone pairing is lost...
  4. '03 Sequoia: Aftermarket Pioneer Head Unit Questions

    Installed a Pioneer AVH-X3500 head unit in my 2003 Sequoia. I have a couple questions if anyone can assist. Rear Camera: Where did you guys install your rear camera? I found a couple posts but they were old and the pictures were no longer posted. Running the cable is no problem, just curious on...
  5. New to TS and ready to add Bluetooth and SW controls

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, I'm new to TS and looking for some help in finding the dyi on adding steering wheel audio controls. I found the link before by searching google. I have a 2011 DC base 4.6l Texas edition. Basically a base truck with 20" bbs wheels, steps, badging and xm radio. So here's the...
  6. Pairing a Samsung Galaxy S4 with OEM (non-Nav) headunit

    Audio & Stereo
    Posted this over on that "other forum" and now here - hoping to find a solution: I have a 2011 Tundra CM, SR5 w/ TRD package. It has the stock non-Nav head unit that includes XM and Bluetooth. Until two weeks ago I had an iPhone 4 that was paired and working perfectly. When BT audio was...
  7. non jbl bluetooth?

    Audio & Stereo
    Is there a oem headunit with bluetooth capabillities for 07 and newer tundras? Does anyone have the model number? Thanks
  8. Bluetooth guidance volume to loud

    Is there way to lower BT guidance volume? I have 2012 ( Canadian) TRD and the manual on page 435 indicates that it should be possible but if I enter the voice menu: Setup> I don't have the option System Setup only Security Phone and BT setup. Anyone ? Thanks
  9. Good integrated bluetooth options?

    I've got a 2009 Access cab TRD sport, and despite having the nice factory stereo with the sub, I 'm a bit lacking in the electronics department. My friends new F150 has more electronics than most computers, yet my Japenese truck doesn't have anything past a CD changer. I still love my Taco, but...
  10. 2008 Sequoia Limited Nav - streaming Bluetooth audio?

    I've searched on "Bluetooth" and "streaming audio" and can't seem to find an answer, so here's my first post - I've got a 2008 Sequoia Limited (I've had it all of 5 days now...) and it has the factory JBL system with Navigation and integrated Bluetooth for phone. I understand that the newer...
  11. bluetooth issue

    This issue has probably been dealt with over and over but..............2010 Tundra, my iphone synced, cannot sync the audio (ipod). I also just added the slacker app and will not sync. Also, why would I need to sync an audio player when I direct connect it? Couldn't I just click the AUX...
  12. Phone list text labels

    I have recently purchased(this weekend) a 2010 Crewmax with the what I think is the middle of the road stock radio with bluetooth. I have setup a couple of phone numbers to my iPhone in the phone book. When looking at the text of the labels it has the number with the label "No Name". I have...
  13. Bluetooth Blues

    So I'm trying to setup my new 2010 camry LE Bluetooth with my iPhone 3GS. I can't figure out how to set up the cAr part. The manual talks about different camry models but not the LE!!! Anyone know how I can pair it up? I don't have any controls on the steering wheel, only a single button on the...
  14. Aux input in Factory Nav unit

    Audio & Stereo
    I am considering getting an Alpine eX-10 to connect my BlackBerry with Bluetooth to my stereo. I have the factory stereo with navigation. I would like to connect this unit to an aux input instead of using the FM interface. Does anyone know if there is an aux input in these units? A connection...
  15. Help Big problems with radio/ nav install tundra

    Audio & Stereo
    What seemed to go very smoth, has turned into a nightmare. I was adding a touchscreen radio and Nav unit with bluetooth control in my new 2008 tundra. I used included harnesses and only tappend in the truck in 3 places. the reverse and speed pulse wire (from info found in this forum) and then...
  16. Has anyone Unlocked the Bluetooth?

    I have a Limited CM without the Nav System. If you are in park and receive a phone call, the number displays on the screen. Once you take it out of park, the incoming number no longer displays. I know they do this for safety, but it is much more dangerous for me to have to remove the phone from...
  17. JBL Navi and Rear Ent System

    Have 06 LTD Crew w/ factory JBL Navi and factory rear ent system. Is it possible to watch DVD on Navi, either from rear system or the Navi itself? Also, are there upgrades to the Navi discs available, if so where? And Why in 06 would they not have bluetooth built into the system or is it there...
  18. Navigation / DVD

    I have 2006 Toy Tundra Crew Ltd with the jbl Navi and the Rear DVD ent system. Is it possible to make the navi play dvd's? Either from the Rear DVD system or the Navi itself? What about a Backup Camera? 2nd question, I'm looking into a good bluetooth for the truck, installed, what is best and...