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  1. TRD CAI and TRD Cat-Back Dual Exhaust

    Performance Intake & Exhaust Systems
    Today I installed both the TRD CAI and TRD Cat-Back performance items on my 2015 Tundra Limited CrewMax TRD Off-Road 2WD. Many people should know that if you REALLY want to maximize efficiency, performance, horsepower, throttle response and gas mileage, any time you do an engine "breathing"...
  2. Cold Air Intake help? Trying to decide

    Hey everyone, new here to Tundrasolutions i know there are many posts on CAI's out there but I was wondering if anyone could help me out here. I have an 06 Tundra V8 DC, and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for what air intake is the best match. My cousin just put a K&N on his ford...
  3. Oil Free filter CAI, Volant VS aFe

    I am looking for a CAI with an oil free filter. So far I have only found two, Volant Powercore filter and aFe Stage 2 Pro dry filter. I am trying to to decide between the two. I was wondering if anyone could give me reviews of the two, good or bad. And if anyone does have a Volant with the...
  4. TRD CAI filter replacement.

    Hi all! I have a 08 Tundra 5.7 V8 and I have a TRD cold air intake in it. I do not like the oiled filter that is in this particular CAI. I was wondering if there is a dry filter that will fit the TRD CAI.