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  1. Camburg Upper Control Arms 99-06

    General Classifieds and Miscellaneous Items For Sa
    SOLD!!! - Camburg Upper Control Arms 99-06 sold to benji87 Garage sale, these have to go! New Camburg Upper Control Arm Set Designed to compliment racing style coil-over front shocks such as Camburg Engineering, IVD, Sway-A-Way, King, etc. These Camburg Upper Control Arms will give you...
  2. Coilover Questions? Icon vs Camburg vs Toytec vs Sway-A-Way

    Good Evening All! Well my shocks and struts are finally shot and everything needs to be replaced. I'd like to take advantage of this oppertunity and put some quality products under this vehicle to enure that it last for another 10-Years! Completed a lot of research and no luck so far and have...
  3. Icon Coilovers, Camburg UCA's, BFG A/T 285/75/16 & KMD Enduros!

    What's up Crew! I am stOked for my truck getting decked out this week! It's about time! Any suggestions or advice after I get all this work done? Should I get an air locker next? I am hoping my truck lasts at least 250k miles! I'm at 120k right now. I am taking a look into the pioneer...
  4. Tie rod grinding on SAW Coilovers

    Suspension & Axle
    Tie rod grinding on Coilovers (SAW & Camburg) Please help. I have a 2011 Rock Warrior. I have Camburg UCR's and SAW coilovers. They have about 300 miles on them and were aligned by a place Camburg recommended. It looks like the outer tie rod is rubbing against the lower coil when the steering...
  5. Suspension Question Before I Spend $1000

    Hey Guys, First post on here for me. So...I have a 02' Tundra and a few years ago I installed coil spacers that are about 2'". As I have found on the forums that was not the best decision and my ball joints hit the springs and are now toast. I also have 1" blocks in the back so the truck sits...