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  1. Good price for truck cap?

    Hello. I am new here. I am purchasing a new Tundra double cab, regular bed and I would like to pick up a cap. I have been researching brands and frankly have learned more than I care to about truck caps. I sent out a slew of quote requests and got a few quotes back all over the map. Seems like...
  2. Tundra Shells/Caps for 2014/2015 - ARE

    I'm doing a search on this forum for shell/cap threads, but having a hard time finding one I was viewing a few weeks ago. What would be some good keywords to punch into the search feature? I got a new ARE cap put on today, and it didn't cover up the TRD 4X4 stickers. I wanted to pass this on...
  3. Steel wheel caps wil not secure to the rim - why ?

    I just purchased set of center caps ( and clips) for my OEM steel winter rims but thy barely hold on those rims. I tried to slightly increase the tension on those SS clips but it doesn't make any difference. Anyone using them? Thanks
  4. Center Caps???

    i bought a set of chrome KMC XD MONSTERS a few weeks back and the heat from where i live seemed to discolor the rubber in the middle of the cap. Is there anywhere to get these replaced or maybe get a cap with a different style from KMC?