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  1. Tundra front suspension banging noise

    Suspension, Axles, Brakes
    I can be on a flat parking lot and as soon as I turn a wee bit I start getting this banging noise like in this YT video below. Any load on the suspension seems to cause the bang. It's from the bottom of the truck although I can't really tell if it's the front or the back. Have you experienced...
  2. Mystery clunk solved

    OK, a lot of us have had this mysterious clunk in the left rear someplace. We greased, we tightened, we inspected, we rode in our box while our wives drove but couldn't find it. But as for me I finally found it and was I ever surprised, it wasn't the truck at all. It was my canopy. Every time...
  3. Rear End Clunk (not driveshaft.) Fix...

    Suspension, Axles, Brakes
    So for a couple of weeks I've been trying to figure out the rear end clunk. I was getting the clunk only when going into or exiting at an angle (speed bump, driveway entrance, etc.). So, I searched the forum and tried different things, greased my driveshaft, checked most bolts for tightness...
  4. Clunk in back mystery

    There have been a lot of posts dealing with a mysterious clunk in the back end of the first gens. HAS anybody found what it is?!!! It's driving me crazy!
  5. how do i lube a 2wd slip yoke?

    T-Case, Driveshaft, Diff, Axle, Hub
    Plenty of tutorials on the 4wd trucks but not much info on the 2wd. Do I just slide the drive shaft out, clean, lube? Does the driveshaft hold in the tranny fluid? How do I realign the driveshaft support? Thanks for the info.
  6. Clunk noise

    I have been hearing and feeling a clunking noise below and in front of my feet when going over speed bumps, over dips, or accelerating from a stop. According to the receipts I have, my Dad (previous owner) had taken the truck to several shops, and nobody knows what the problem is. Any ideas...
  7. Forward to Reverse causes clunk near front end

    I have a 2003 4x4 Tundra with 117,000 miles. Recently I've noticed this noise. When I drive forward, stop and then go in reverse, I always hear a metal type of clunk sound coming from the front of the truck. I brought it into the dealer who checked it out and could not find anything abnormal...
  8. Clunk in Front End of 2005 Sequoia

    I have a 2005 Sequoia 4X4 Limited with 101,000 miles. I'm noticing a clunk noise when I start from an idling stop. For example, when I stop at a red light or a stop sign and I'm holding my foot on the brake, then I take my foot off and start to accelerate, I hear it. It sounds like it's...
  9. 2010 Drive Line Clunk/Rear Diff Failure?

    I know there are other threads on this but my issue may not be related. I've intermittently developed what appears to be the "Driveshaft Clunk" since around 8000 miles but it wasn't frequent or loud at all. I've got just 14,000 miles on my truck now and it has slowly progressed and worsened to...
  10. Crooked steering and suspension noise after rotation

    Suspension & Axle
    06 SR5 4x2 61K Here's the deal. I recently changed my oil and rotated my tires. After rotating, I began to notice some suspension noise after a 1000 mile road trip. It's almost like a clunking sound when the vehicle weight shifts (turns and bumps), mainly after the vehicle heats up. It happens...
  11. loud clunk from front end..

    i have an 06 reg cab tundra 2wd and whenever i pull out of my driveway i hear a clunk noise from my front end, and when i go over speedbumps i hear a clunk from my rear end as if the tailgate is loose. i checked other threads and they mentioned the transmission crossmember and the sway bar. well...
  12. Transmission clunk when feather gas

    Anybody have this problem on their 2wd 6 speed AT. Seems to happen when i'm trying to keep a constant speed between 20-50mph. I will lightly step on the gas while inbetween those speeds to maintain my speed. Usually happens after I lightly give some gas for a bit to gain a little more speed...
  13. Transmission Clunk, Driveshaft Thump, Worse After Propeller Shaft Replaced,

    I looked at past posts about this and downloaded the TSB, How do I get it to go away. It clunks when stopping, and again when letting off the brake, every once in a while when almost stopping then going again it will almost feel like a slipping clutch then 10 feet later it made a HUGE clunk...