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  1. Temperamental starting

    2001 Tundra Limited AC 4.7L 2 wheel drive. Engine cranks but doesn't start until about the 2nd or 3rd struggle. It only happens when the ambient temp in the truck is warm, i.e. sitting in the sun all day on a cold day or hot day (windows cracked open or not). In the shade or garage it starts...
  2. '03 Sequoia - Power Antenna is freezing

    Has anyone experienced an issue with the power antenna on their Sequoia freezing in cold temps? On mine, for many years now, the antenna will not raise up in cold temps (@ or below freezing). Sometimes it will move a few inches and stop. Once the temp warms up it works just fine. What could...
  3. Misfire when cold mystery.

    Misfire when cold mystery-- SOLVED Moved to a new thread ... I have a 2007 5.7 limited 62000 miles. The Toyota Tundra is throwing a P0302 code. Misfire on cylinder 2. It started this summer a few times. Now it does it every time the truck has been sitting for more then 6-8 hours...
  4. What is causing an intermittent misfire only when engine is started & cold?

    2008 Tundra 5.7 only 55K miles – What is causing an intermittent misfire at startup? It’s been running great, then 2 weeks ago when I started it up I could feel a small misfire. By the time I backed out of the driveway the check engine light came on. This is what I have learned so far: Only...
  5. Auto AC

    Hey guys Just had a question in mind, I got a CM and its great :D. any way just wanted to know after starting the engine and pressing the Auto button for the AC would have any problems? because is uses full speed fan at first and the engine is still cold. I read the manual I couldn't find...
  6. 2011 tundra vibration

    I have a 2011 tundra try double cab. Purchased new in August of 2010. It has 16800 miles on it. I have a vibration the comes when the drivetrain is cold (temp below 40F). It is a pulsing vibration that is very noticeable when first driving. So far I have done the following listening to try to...
  7. Transmission slips in Drive when Cold

    My 2001 Tundra has less than 60K miles. I mostly drive it on long trips. Intermittently, when I start driving and put it in D the transmission slips. The engine revs and the truck moves slightly but only slight acceleration. It seems like the transmission is not going into L to start but staying...
  8. The "Official" 5.7L Supercharger Problem Thread

    Seems many of us are getting the run-around from TRD as to whether they feel there is a problem with the Supercharger and cold air AND whether there is a fix coming (if they are willing to admit there is a problem). Please post: 1) If you have the supercharger 2) If you have had any problems...
  9. 2008 Brake Issue/Problem

    Morning All, I have an 08 TRD Sport, 6pd. I bought it back in February and since it was obviously cold at the time, I noticed that when i parked it for awhile (overnight or for the hours i was at work) that when i came back to the truck, i would put my foot on the brake and it would feel...