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  1. Hurst knob install_2020 Tundra

    Interior & Exterior
    So I just installed a Hurst shifter knob lol I personally love it but I’ll probably get some hate too. I had to mill down an aluminum adapter that fit the shifter but was too big for the knob. $38 on amazon and a free adapter from a buddy. I can take it, no hurt feelings here so let it rip ;)
  2. 2001 Tundra - Automatic - Shifter Won't Put Truck In Gear

    The shifter in the steering column on my automatic 2001 4.7L V8 is giving no resistance (like when it bounces between gears P > R > D etc). It is just sliding up and down. Has anyone else experienced this and what did the problem end up being? There must be a part that connects the shifter to...