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  1. Radiator hose question...

    Engine & Drivetrain
    I don’t know what it’s called, but I need to know the inside diameter of the hose that comes off the radiator at the location of the radiator cap and feeds into and/or out from the coolant reservoir tank. I am going to have to try to JB Weld a new nipple onto my radiator where this hose ties in...
  2. Added coolant, it spewed, now I don't have heat?

    Last weekend, I was looking over my fluid levels, belt and hose conditions in my 97 Avalon and noticed that I didn't have any coolant in my reservoir. I topped it off to the Min mark. On my way to work this morning, I noticed that my temp gauge was getting hotter than it's ever been so I...
  3. White residue under oil cap

    So I did an oil change about a week ago and the next morning after driving maybe 10 miles I open up the oil filler cap to adjust my oil level to find milky white residue under the oil cap. My first thought was that there was just condensation in the block and it didnt have time to fully burn...
  4. Strange Cooling problems with 2004 Tundra

    I have a 2004 Tundra with 110k miles. I had the timing belt and water pump replaced about 10k ago. I have noticed that my radiator overflow tank is always empty. I fill it frequently and every now and then there will be a fair amount of coollant on the ground. Otherwise dry. Then recently I...
  5. Common coolant leak areas?

    I have a 05 DC with a 4.7... i have 155,000 km and i noticed that there was a slight smell of coolant by the grill while filling windshield wash one day. I checked and my overflow bottle was empty.. and my rad was not full. I did not overheat.. and no loss of heat in the cab. I am going...
  6. 03 S/C tundra slow to start

    Hey guys/gals- I searched for an appropriate thread, but couldn't really find one, so I'm starting a new one. Obviously- I'm needing some advice. My dealership did some work on my pickup @ the end of July. About 2 weeks later, it would have a little trouble starting- just a slightly slower start...
  7. Do you have to remote the thermostat to flush cooling system in '97?

    I've got a 97 XLS (V6) and have drained the radiator and block of its coolant. The Haynes manual says to do a flush but removing the thermostat but does that *really* need to be done? Thanks!