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  1. 2001 Tundra SR5 - Weird Bulb Size

    Lighting & General Electrical
    Long time member and reader, but little to no posting, as I do often search and find what I need so I don't have to bug anyone... but this one has me stumped and I just can't find the answer in any old threads for the life of me. I recently changed out my instrument lights to red LEDs in my...
  2. Dash squeak

    Hello, I'm new to this site and I have seen a couple of articles regarding dash noise and I was never able to get a clear solution as to how to fix the annoying sound. It is like plastic on plastic rubbing or something similar. Basically it only happens when cold. If it is hot, no noise. If...
  3. Dashboard hole below tow/diff lock button - What is it for?

    Tried to search for an answer, but not sure what to call this. What can be stored in the small storage hole shown below? Tried to fit my wallet, iPhone, loose change. Nothing fits and if it does, it will fall out. Silly little thing but I think about it every time I get in my truck! Has...
  4. new instrument cluster

    My speedometer is no longer working correctly. I was thinking of changing out the entire instrument cluster for an aftermarket one. Does anyone know if these are available. Thanks
  5. New B & I Black Carbon Molded Dash Kit Installed

    Just installed the B & I Black Carbon 3D/Molded dash kit (I was tired of the silver). It was extremely simple to do... Just prep the areas with windex followed by rubbing alcohol and let dry, do a dry fit without removing backing of tape, then remove backing of tape if looks good and align and...
  6. iPad mini in dash with OEM radio in console? Input(s) please

    I just got the iPad mini, mainly for the reason of using it as a head unit. I have read extensively on this subject, and understand how much better the sound quality would be if I got rid of the OEM radio and used an Audison Bit One, or another digital sound processor. I just don't want to pour...
  7. Guages led

    Interior & Exterior
    How do you install leds to change the color of the guages. 2003 tundra sr5. i want to get rid of the green and replace it with blue or something different.
  8. Need Advice??

    My 2006 Tundra was vandalized two weeks ago and stole my Alpine IVA-W205 radio. They damaged the OEM woodgrain trim radio/climate bezel surround. The insurance company order the replacement surround twice but none of them matched the original woodgrain color/pattern. Does anyone have a USED...
  9. Funky Dash Bulb 2001 Tundra

    Electrical & Computer Systems
    I've browsed the threads and can't find an answer to this anywhere... I replaced most of my instrument lights today with white LEDs (Looks great! - Goodbye Green!)... I only replaced the bulbs that were #194 which is the vast majority of the standard display. However.... There is ONE bulb...
  10. Is Dash color permanent?

    Hey All, New Guy here, Got a couple questions.... First, the truck is a 2000 Access Cab Tundra BONE STOCK. I know I soon as I get back from Afghanistan I will definately be changine that. Mechanically the truck is a rock. However, the interior is trashed! THe guy was obviously a...
  11. ticking/squeeking/tapping behind dash

    I'm sure this has probably been addressed but I've yet to find an exact match for my problem. I have a 2006 tundra-double cab with a ticking/squeeking/tapping sound (several actually) that seem to be coming from almost directly behind my speedometer as I drive. It can be almost any speed...
  12. Ok Guys, I need some feedback!!!

    I have been reading on this thread about several people have various creaking, and popping noises coming from the dash, windshiled, and windshiled valance area. So I took my truck to the dealership due to the noises, and they kept it 3 days, and installed the clips behind the dash. Well the...
  13. Want to Add LED lights to Dash Where no Lights Exist

    Here is the issue. I have an 08 Crew Max, with a Bench Seat. The cup holders int he dash have no lights, it is a pain. So I would like to add to small dim amber LEDs to the cupholder tray so that when the headlights are on, these lights would be on. I would also like to add a LED light...