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  1. How can I remove 'wood-like' panel trim?

    Greetings, all, I'm a recent purchaser of a pristine 2008 Sequoia Limited (only 14K miles). Upgrading from our 2005 Expedition tow rig, it's quite a jump in power, comfort, ride, handling, and even gas mileage. But ... the original owners opted for the "burlwood-like" dash trim kit, which I just...
  2. 08 Possessed Dashboard and Gauge Failures

    Tonight my dashboard completely freaked out on me and I lost my oil pressure, temperature, tachometer, and transmission temp gauges all at once. At the same time, my exterior air temp readout quit working, and the lights for ABS and stability control all came on too! Oddly, the fuel gauge and...
  3. Compression popping sound under middle of the dashboard

    I have a very low frequency "pop" noise that happens at completely random times through out driving my 2007 4.7 4x4 doublecab.... It doesn't appear to matter if the A/C is on or not, it is apparent right when the motor starts up, when I go forward or reverse, when I turn the wheel, or whenever...
  4. Is Dash color permanent?

    Hey All, New Guy here, Got a couple questions.... First, the truck is a 2000 Access Cab Tundra BONE STOCK. I know I soon as I get back from Afghanistan I will definately be changine that. Mechanically the truck is a rock. However, the interior is trashed! THe guy was obviously a...
  5. ticking/squeeking/tapping behind dash

    I'm sure this has probably been addressed but I've yet to find an exact match for my problem. I have a 2006 tundra-double cab with a ticking/squeeking/tapping sound (several actually) that seem to be coming from almost directly behind my speedometer as I drive. It can be almost any speed...