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  1. 1st Gen Tundra, Stock UCA Poly Bushing kit, Daystar

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    Hi all, I have a set of polyurethane bushings and steel bushings for stock 1st gen Tundra upper control arms. The kit is from Daystar and was $100 that included polyurethane bushings for the upper and lower control arms. I only used the lower control arm parts and was hoping someone is looking...
  2. Daystar leveling kit

    Good afternoon, I am new here and had a serious problem arise. I had a daystar leveling kit installed and the next day the rack and pinion broke when I was parking at my office. It was a 2011 platinum tundra. In order for them to fix it they had to remove my engine and the labor and parts was...
  3. May be getting a Daystar Lift, but I need everyone's help!

    Hey guys! I was wondering if any you guys have had experience with Daystar lift kits before. They seem like they're a pretty decent product. How much of a decrease in gas mileage should I expect to be getting with a lift kit installed? I'm trying to win this lift kit through Magnaflow...
  4. 02 Sequoia Tire Size and Lift Kit Questions

    I am looking at installing a lift kit soon, and i was wondering if the Daystar KT09110BK Comfort Ride 2.5" Strut and Coil Spring Spacer Kit would be a good way to go? How big of tires will I be able to put on the vehicle with the lift kit? Is there a better lift kit out there for around the...
  5. Daystar spacer lift

    whats up guys! just joined and i own a 2003 toyota tundra SR5 2wd. with the V8. i wanna put a daystar leveling kit on it but dont know what would look better? a 1.25'' or a 2.5''. does anyone run this? if so could you please post pics of what yours looks like. i am just wanting the front...