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  1. 03 Lexus ES300 intermittent no start. Turn key nothing.

    Please help with suggestions..... I have been having an intermittent starting problem. I get in the car put key in lights, gauges, radio all work good, turn the key and nothing. No clicking, no trying to turn over, just zero. Go back out to car several hours later, starts right up. Drive it...
  2. 1996 Avalon driver's door window stuck about halfway down

    My son was driving home last night and opened up the window. He said that he pushed the button and the window went down about half way instead of all of the way. He said that he tried to roll it up or down and it didn't work. I went out and tried and couldn't get it to go up or down either...
  3. Anyway to automatically turn off the dome light after a few minutes?

    Is there anyway to configure my 2003 Tundra to automatically turn off the dome light after a few minutes? If the headlights are left on, the truck will automatically turn them off after a few minutes or after opening the driver's side door. I'm looking for similar functionality because my wife...
  4. Green Eye (light) on Battery

    HI all, My battery seems to be DEAD and done with however the green light is on and stating it is fully charged??
  5. Suggestions: Need new Battery 2005 DC Tundra 4x4

    Hi all, Well, it's the 2nd time that my Tundra won't start in less than 2 weeks and believe the battery is dead! After starting ith with jumper cables and letting it run for more than an hour, the battery is completly dead- click click click... therefore believe it's time for a new Battery...