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dipstick reading

  1. Got Rid of My Oil Burning 2010 Tundra

    I bought a new Tundra back in 2010, had noticed that it seemed my mechanic was having a hard time nailing down oil level on the changes, which I was having done every 5000 mile with Mobile 1. My first two changes at 2500 miles and then again at 5000. Truck had never been worked hard. Used it...
  2. No oil on dipstick - how many quarts missing?

    I just bought a used 2010 Tundra about a month ago with 30,000 miles (5.7L 4x4). A few days after buying it I took it to the local Toyota dealership to have the oil changed. Come to find out, after driving around for 3+ weeks that they didn't fully tighten the drain plug and it has been slowly...