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  1. Trouble with Door Locks

    The power door locks in my 2014 Tundra CM Limited are failing. Sometimes they work okay, and sometimes not. The rear doors are locking and unlocking, but the driver's door and front passenger door don't always work. The remote key fob, the unlock button on the door, and even inserting the key...
  2. Question on Crew Max Doors

    New Member Introductions
    I banged my drivers side door on my 2008 crew max. I believe it will be cheaper to find a used door and paint it - rather than paying for the body work. Does anyone know which doors are compatible with the 2008 crew max (for example all tundras from 2007 - 2012??, or just crew max from 2007 -...
  3. 2013 door panel removal

    can anyone help, I am able to "remove" the door panel however I am unable to unplug the window control connector, can anyone help me with this ^%$#$ plug, thanks
  4. attn: Crew Max "Limited" owners (audio question!)....

    I have a Crew Max that I'm doing extensive audio upgrades to. Someone mentioned to me that the "Limited" models may have a factory location for a tweeter in the rear doors (perhaps the upper "sail" piece?). I wanted to see if anyone on here could confirm that, and then I can go about seeing if I...
  5. How to replace door handle assembly

    :)Hey guys! i just got in my color keyed mirror caps and door handles. I already replaced the mirror caps, but i was wondering how to get the door handle off so i can put the new color keyed handle assembly on.. i tried searching around couldnt find anything with real good details. any info...
  6. 2003 Sequoia front door latch

    There have been a lot of post about Sequoia latches, but I think this one is new... The cable broke from my interior driver door handle to the latch assembly. So far I've got everything disconnected that I need to (I think); Door panel is off, interior door handle off, rods to the exterior...
  7. 2002 Door Panel Removal

    I figured since I figured all this out I would update my post to be helpful to others in figuring this out so Im editing this first post... I have a attached a picture with instructions on how to remove the door panel. Once youve figured it all out, its very easy and you're done in less than 5...
  8. Doors Open???

    Ok so I have an 03 tundra 4door that seems to have a small problem. My doors although very firmly shut still register on the dash as open. Anybody else run into this problem and if so how'd you fix it? Also looking to tighten up the doors do that they have that new feel to them as far as...
  9. Ouch! Hyperextended Joint (aka: wife backed out of garage with door open)

    Actually, the battery died because one of the kids left a door open yesterday. I had a project on the other side of the garage so she was pushing it out to jump it with our other car. I was inside the house, none the wiser until one of my kids came running in and said, "Dad, don't be mad, but...
  10. Sienna Sliding Door Cable.... PLEASE READ!!!

    Hello, my name is Chris Mitchell, We own a Toyota Sienna XLE 2004. Back in November 2008, the driver sliding door cable snapped, making the door jam and unusable in "power" mode. Cable dangling out of its socket, we drove to our dealership to have it serviced. The repair came to over...
  11. Programing Door Locks

    Is there anyway to program the door locks to auto-lock after driving, and auto-unlock when put into park? Also program the remote to unlock all doors with one push?
  12. My Tundra nightmare

    Hey folks. I've been lurking for about a month gathering information, which has been extremely helpful. This is a long story so I'm going to be as brief as possible by just stating some facts as opposed to an in-detail narrative: I live in Atlanta. On Oct 3rd, I drove to Asheville, NC to...