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drive shaft

  1. Dumb Question... RE: Front Drive shaft on 2003 Access cab

    Does the front drive shaft rotate when NOT in four wheel drive? Also, can the front drive shaft be removed and still be able to drive the truck without it? I have a very unique humming noise coming from what I believe is the front end, but it is very random. It has been there off and on for...
  2. 2010 Drive Line Clunk/Rear Diff Failure?

    I know there are other threads on this but my issue may not be related. I've intermittently developed what appears to be the "Driveshaft Clunk" since around 8000 miles but it wasn't frequent or loud at all. I've got just 14,000 miles on my truck now and it has slowly progressed and worsened to...
  3. 2wd slip yoke leak tranny fluid

    07 Tundra 2wd 6 spd 5.7L: I have tranny fluid leaking from the slip yoke that enters the transmission. This is second time. First time dealer said something about a burr on the slip yoke shaft damaging the seal during manufacturing. In fact, the drip was from the surround where the yoke...