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  1. 2011 tundra vibration

    I have a 2011 tundra try double cab. Purchased new in August of 2010. It has 16800 miles on it. I have a vibration the comes when the drivetrain is cold (temp below 40F). It is a pulsing vibration that is very noticeable when first driving. So far I have done the following listening to try to...
  2. 98 4runner expert,what would you suggest now??

    :eek: Driving down the freeway I exited and as I turned the corner it seemed my tranny failed and the engine raced. I pulled over and put the car in park. It started to roll down the hill like the parking poll failed. i set the handbrake. my engine was still running. I turned it off and checked...
  3. Binding while turning after a stop

    I've got an 02 Access Cab 4x4 that has developed a "binding" sensation and vibration in the front wheels/drivetrain whenever I take off from a stop while turning either direction (like in a normal intersection). It is more pronounced on a steep incline, and feels/sounds somewhat like what you...
  4. 03 Sequoia 4WD issue

    I have a 03 Sequioa SR5 4WD with 140k on it. I'm having some issues with the 4WD systems. I've always tried to drive in 4H a few times a month on wet pavement to excercise the 4WD system. Recently, I've started having issues while trying to shift into and out of 4WD. When I activate the...