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  1. Gen 1 Tundra Switchback Problem

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    Hi sorry if this is posted somewhere else, haven't been able to find anything about this issue. I have a 2000 Toyota Tundra that I recently purchased switchback LED turn signals for. My problem is the switchbacks do not glow white, they only flash orange. Is there a way to fix this? I've read...
  2. LED DRL Switchback LED bulbs issues

    HELP !!!! Vehicle: 2015 Toyo Sequoia limited. Same on 2015 Tundra Three wires into the wedge DRL/Turn signal socket- Pink-turn signal , Purple- DRL , and White with black line (negative) I have tried 5 different DRL switchback bulbs and had to return all of them. Amazon...
  3. LED DRL Not Working Properly

    I have a 2002 Limited Access Cab... ...that I installed some Philips LED Daytime Running Lights on. I figured it would be a stylish way to make an older truck look new(er) and add some safety factor in terms of visibility. (See here for product info: Philips 12824WLEDX1 DayLight...
  4. US truck in Canada - how do I undo the dealer DRL enablement?

    I'm the second cdn owner of this truck - 07 Tundra DC 4x4 SR5 5.7l. When it was imported, the dealer enabled DRL to comply with cdn law. The way they did it though, is horrible! They enabled the low beams on all the time (not the turn signal lights) and it acts as though the lights have been...
  5. DRL's, Anzo projectors, and V3 Triton switchbacks installed

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hey here is my blinged out front end now. I added the 6K DRL strip to the bottom, beneath the headlights. Had the trim part painted to match my 202 black, I changed out the headlights for some aftermarket Anzo's with Halo's (after a marginal attempt at the BHLM)...
  6. V-Leds Triton V3 5k switchbacks installed w/pics

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    I can confirm that the V-Leds Triton V3 switchbacks are a straight drop in replacement for our Tundras with factory DRL. Attached are a few pics. Sorry it took so long, but it's been raining here for days so I ran out a snapped pics between rain showers. Tried to get a few different...
  7. DRL turn signal stalk - what to do with the OEM stalk

    I did a DRL upgrade on my 07 Highlander Hybrid. I chose to upgrade the turn signal stalk to the Limited model that has the DRL switch on it, rather than the "Tacoma" method of adding a dash switch. A quick thank you to the how-to posters to show what parts are needed. I don't think I'm...
  8. 05 DC foglight mod & disable DRLs?

    Howzit goin to all you Tundra people! I have been looking for a mod that disables my DRLs and will allow me to turn on my foglights at anytime. I have searched, but I have yet to find a mod for the both of these to work at the same time. If any of you have to know how to do this, PLEASE let me...