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  1. 2Gen-Tundra
    Hi all, its my 1st time in my life to see a Tundra with twin rear tire.:eek: whoever did that must but GM fan hygiene :D and this is for sale ($20,108):confused: its kinda cool if fact i can enjoy watching it :cool:. i wish Toyota do this for Tundra 2014.:amen: link: Dubizzle Sharjah |...
  2. 1Gen-Tundra
    What exhaust do you have and which do you think is better? 1st Gen owners SOUND OFF!!:devil:
  3. 1Gen-Sequoia
    Hey first thread... Okay so my 02 has just over 130k on it, the suspension is SUPER squeeky! any suggestions on this? atleast i think its the suspension. its only at slower speeds, as far as i know. Also, anybody know of any not super pricey engine mods? and, anybody got dual exhaust? and...
1-3 of 3 Results