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  1. Rear-View / Reverse Camera with E7009 Navigation System?

    Hello Solara Owners, Has anyone installed a rear-view camera that's plug & play with the E7009 navigation system? I'd like to find one that's plug & play with that nav system in a 2008 convertible I just acquired. If anyone that can offer advice, would surely appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. Proud 2008 Solara Convertible Owner

    Hi, Solara Owners! Over a year ago, I started looking for a 2000-2003 Solara for my daughter to drive, and found a gorgeous 2001 gold convertible, but I couldn't convince her on the convertible... insisted on a coupe. Ended up finding a really nice silver 2003 SLE that she absolutely loves...
  3. 2008 Solara Convertible Owner

    New Member Introductions
    Hello All, I recently became the proud owner of a white 2008 Solara convertible. Love it! So, why would a Solara owner join this site? I found a number of searches on Solaras pointed here, so what the heck! I've been looking for info on adding a rear-view / backup camera that will...