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electrical problem

  1. '03 power seat wiring issue.

    Lighting & General Electrical
    Just got some power seats from a '02 tundra from wrecking yard ($250). Cleaned them up and bolted them right in. Since the wiring harness was factory installed I figured this should be "plug N Play" right!! Well, the wiring harness connected with no issues. But the seats are not moving.. 1) I...
  2. 2005 Double Cab 4.7 engine electrical problem

    Electrical & Computer Systems
    I have an '05 tundra with the 4.7 engine. Before replacing the timing belt, idlers, tensioner, water pump, thermostat I pressure washed the engine compartment and I think that is the cause of my problem. After it was all back together it started right up, it sounds great, very quiet compared to...
  3. T100 won't start. Electrical short?

    Out-of-Production Toyota Trucks
    I'm fighting an issue starting my '95 T100 4x4. It seems random but is getting progressively worse, and shows up in one of two ways. Sometimes when I try to start it, it just clicks but doesn't turn over, but the lights and radio and everything else work fine. Other times when I try to start...
  4. Have NO turn signals,no Lights(hi/low),no backup lights.Hazard lights do work.

    Need help in the electrical department!!!!!Have NO turn signals,no Lights(hi/low),no backup lights.Hazard lights do work.I have stop lights..If I hook up my trailer-trailer lights work on the trailer.Checked light fuses Hi low beam,backup turn signal relay is the same as a hazard light...