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  1. CA emissions conflict 2000 Camry V6 OBD codes P1130 P1135

    I have a 2000 Camry LE 3.0L V6 with OBD codes P1130 and P1135. I bought it used (so no history...). The sticker on the hood indicates non-CA emissions, but the OBD codes appear to be specific to CA emissions per the Toyota Factory Repair Manual. Also, when I checked my VIN on the Toyota website...
  2. 2006 Tundra 4.7 V8 DTC P0420

    So I have been battling this issue for a few months now. I have read and researched as much as I could on my own. I don't believe that I have found anyone else that has the same conditions going on with my truck, and I am now to the point of asking for some help. If I have to replace my cat...