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  1. High pitched engine noise

    My 2007 Tundra 4.7 4x4 starting making a weird noise about a week ago. It's been consistent ever since. When I start it up, a high pitched whining noise starts and stays pretty constant, peaking each time I hit the gas. Also noted my AC is barely blowing and isn't producing cold air. Maybe...
  2. Coolant temp gauge not working

    Lighting & General Electrical
    Hey guys, So I just bought my first Tundra yesterday. It's a 03 with 160k I got for $6500 (trucks are expensive in CO). It's got a couple small problems but one of the bigger ones that I really don't like is that the Coolant temp gauge doesn't work, at all. It is all the way down by the C...
  3. 5.7 Tundra wont start

    Engine & Drivetrain
    I have a 2008 5.7 Tundra,, it has been running fine, Came home (Canada) went out 2 days later and the Engine only spins and wont start. Its not firing at all. We have tried a different Key fob, we have disconnected the Battery for an hour,, Battery is fully charged , and we have sprayed ether...
  4. TUNDRA parts for sale

    General Classifieds and Miscellaneous Items For Sa
    I am selling a silver 5.7 engine cover off my 2008 Tundra, it looks brand new for $50+shipping. I also have a factory bed rail system for the tundra crew max, which came off my 2008. $50+shipping Please let me know if you are interested and I can send you over pics. [email protected]
  5. Engine Maintenance at 200k miles

    Hello all, My '04 sequoia is rapidly approaching 200k miles (currently at 196k) and I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions for some engine maintenance. I was going to have a tune-up done but the shop I go to quoted me $450 for essentially replacement spark plugs and a intake/throttle body...
  6. Knocking/ticking 2014 4Runner

    Hey fellers, I have a light knocking or ticking sound at idle that sounds like a light main knocking in any other vehicle. Had the dealer listen at last oil change and they compared it to another '14 runner and they said it was the backup fuel or oil pump (can't remember). I'm not an idiot...
  7. 2002 Tundra with Blown Head Gaskets, 4Runner/Sequoia 2UZ-FE swap?

    Engine, Intake, Exhaust, Induction
    Hello everyone, this is my first post to on Tundra Solutions. Sadly I cannot make this post to say how well my 2UZ-FE is running and how much I enjoy driving my truck, thats just not the case at the moment. I recently picked up a 2002 Tundra TRD for $1400 because the body was in almost perfect...
  8. 07 tundra need help!

    My 07 5.7L now has 125k miles on it. Maintenance is usually on point with oil changes and tune up just recently had both wheel bearings replaced because they were drying up. (that worked out fine) have been hearing a loud squeal (very noticeable) from the engine so i read about it and had the...
  9. 08 Tundra - Front-End Loud Intermittent Ticking Noise- Help!

    Hello everyone, Before anything I want to thank you in advance for your patience, collaboration, and guidance. I have read many threaded discussion with similar issues and used them as reference to target my issue but I have been unsuccessful. However, I am located in southern California and...
  10. P0441, p0455

    Hey guys, A couple of days a go the CE light came on. I checked the codes and I got P0455 - evaporative emission system leak detected (gross leak/no flow) P0441 - evaporative emission system incorrect purge flow I did some search but I didn't find any fuel leak as the codes say. The problem...
  11. Tundra Engine Plant in Alabama Getting Expanded

    Toyota, Scion & Lexus News
    Toyota has just acquired an additional 134 acres of land in Alabama so that the engine manufacturing facility can be expanded. The expansion is to build V6 engines for the Highlander hybrid that will be built in Indiana and the Lexus RX hybrid that will be made in Canada. Indiana starts their...
  12. Startup engine whine/whistle help.

    I have an 05 XSP DC with about 80k miles on it. Yesterday evening I started up my truck to go home and thought I heard a noise from the engine that sounded like a kind of plasticy reed instrument. Almost like an electric horn with just enough power to start it vibrating but without the metallic...
  13. 6 cylinder hesitation when engine cold

    Is there any adjustments that will resolve the hestitation when the engine is cold or is this normal? Its a 2010.... I appreciate any insight..
  14. -DIY- 2000 tundra engine replacement

    Hello, turns out my two middle cylinders are trashed from over heating my truck from an accident and the radiator was leaking, my bad on checking the levels before leaving again. But on to the prob... I'm mechanically inclined, but a little intimidated on doing this engine swap with...
  15. 2014 engine ?:D

    hey guys, ford goes for the 6.2 with 410 hp:cool: so whats your thoughts on the 2014 TUNDRA?? :D i know we dont know anything about it but what are you guesses ?:rolleyes: I hope that engine is a beast just like the 5.7 and more important it beats the 6.2:devil:
  16. Solid Engine Mounts

    2003 toyota tundra v8 I'm wondering if theres anyone or any place I can get solid engine mounts from.
  17. 2002 Engine Seized; prior class action?

    can anyone point me to this class action? Apparently this was the subject of a class action which I never received notice of: 2002 Toyota Highlander Consumer Complaints and Car Reports, Ratings and User Comments CONSUMER COMPLAINT: ODI Case Number: 10328086...
  18. Tundra Engine Performance Parts?

    I have a 2003 toyota tundra 4.7L and Im looking for these parts. (ALL PERFORMANCE / UPGRADES please) - Camshaft - Rocker Arms - Lifters (hydraulic NOT mechanical) - Valver covers ( if possible, knowing that it would probably have to be custom ) - Crankshaft - Intake and Exhaust valves Ive...
  19. 2000 Toyota Tundra 2UZ-FE thru 4/00

    2000 Toyota Tundra 2UZ-FE thru 4/00 swap to 5/00 ? Hey Everyone, Name is Eddie im a soon to be toyota tundra owner. Im new to TS but not new to car forums. Im on several lancer/evo x car forums so I know how things go. I did a search for this but couldnt find a solid answer so here it goes...
  20. Engine Tapping/ line disconnected

    This afternoon, I was driving my 2000 Tundra back from the store and I noticed a tapping while I was sitting at a stop light. My first thought was a cracked exhaust manifold. I thought i confirmed that when it would only occur at low rpms and go away as i shifted. when I got home I opened the...