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  1. 1Gen-Tundra
    So, I've perused all around for write-ups from someone who has done this in the past, but nothing for the 1st gens. I have a 2005 SR5 DC with JBL 6-disc changer head unit. I am going to attempt to install OEM Nav and RSES. I have the head unit (E7006), DVD Player, rear screen assembly, and OEM...
  2. Sequoia
    I know most of you are high end on here, but I'm looking for a pair of (gray leather) budget head rest DVD players for my '08 Sequoia SR5. I've got a pair of 2 year old twins to keep happy on long road trips without breaking the bank. :) I want to know what experiences you've had with the...
1-2 of 2 Results