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  1. Body (Interior & Exterior)
    New member to the site as well as a new owner of my first Tundra. Not my first Toyota though. As way of introduction here's a bit of history: Bout a 2006 Scion xB in April of 2007 and love the car beyond words. The most expensive thing I have had to do with this car is put tires on it. That is...
  2. General Classifieds and Miscellaneous Items
    I'm looking for the TRD fender flares, specifically the front driver's side for a 2001 Tundra. It appears someone pulled it off my truck so I'm currently driving around with only 3. I don't want aftermarket since I prefer the TRD ones. So, if anyone is getting rid of some and willing to sell...
1-2 of 2 Results