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  1. 1st gen front door tweeters

    Hey, first post. Im looking to replace my front door tweeters in my 2001 tundra access cab with some new jbl ones, and am wondering what the mounting situation is like on the stock tweeters, and if I’ll need a custom solution to mount some new ones. Anyone know? Also, any wire harnesses for the...
  2. 2002 tundra battery won’t charge

    Hi guys, so a few days ago I was driving and pulled into a gas station. After starting the truck back up again the trucks battery light came on but would turn off when accelerating. Battery was still charging as shown on the dash but was going down. The next morning I started my truck and...
  3. 04 tundra front ABS ring

    So recently bought my tundra which needed the front left wheel bearing replaced. After getting the spindle of I can’t get the hub out. I’m assuming the previous owner left it for so long that it welded itself it there, so we’re going to cut it out but I can’t find the front ABS ring anywhere...
  4. A few questions about first gen differentials

    T-Case, Driveshaft, Diff, Axle, Hub
    I searched for this and I got an error, so I'm not sure if it is user error or if no post on this exists... I'm just curious how strong the stock 8 inch or 8.4 inch (not sure as I have seen different on different sites) I can put a selectable locker like ARB on it without trouble correct? If...
  5. Distributor Installed Keyless Entry

    My 06' Sequoia was purchased used, came with only one key and NO remotes. My local Toyota dealer did not have the remotes in stock and was unable to locate them, they did suggest and alternate but had no luck getting them programmed. They were able to make a transponder key for $100! Make sure...
  6. 2005-2007 air suspension - Is it possible to convert to coils?

    Hi guys! I've been lurking here for a few months and I've managed to find answers for most of my questions by searching the forums, however I don't seem to be able to find the answer for this one. I decided to swap my aging minivan for a 1st gen Sequoia. Ideally I'd like one with regular...
  7. New Budge Max First-Gen Access Cab Cover

    General Classifieds and Miscellaneous Items For Sa
    I had this cover replaced under warranty after selling my truck. The cover is brand new. Fits the First-Gen Access Cab. Asking $35 plus actual shipping cost.