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fog light

  1. Fog lights not working after headlight and DRL/Signal LED install & No pitch control

    Fog lights not working after headlight and DRL/Signal LED install & No pitch control NEED HELP! Truck: 2015 Toyota Tundra SR5 Only add-ons- Switching out standard halogen bulbs for LEDs on headlight and DRL/Signal lights. Nothing else has ever been touched (unless you count the bed cover). I...
  2. 2001 Sequoia SR5 fog light upgrade "Uncompleted" HELP!!

    Hi everybody, to be short on my story what im trying to do is to upgrade my SR5 to the factory fog lights system. I followed the instructions of another member to make this the closest to factory installed fog lights.... So I got these items:81220-0C020 Sequoia Limited Fog Lamp Assy - Driver...
  3. 2014 Fog Light Mod????

    Anybody had any luck with performing the fog light modification on any of the 2014 models??? I have had two gen2 tundras and now own a new 2014.....they changed the wiring harnesses under the driver dash. Anybody.....? Beuhller?? Beuhller?? Any input would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks all!
  4. Where to find fog light mod info for an 05?

    I have a 2005 Tundra DC Limited 4WD. -I want to do the always on fog ligt switch on my truck but cant find any write up for my truck! I helped a buddy on his 07 Tacoma but cant find for first gen. I found one video and followed all the directions, all it did was undo my turn signals. (it was...
  5. Factory Billet Grille Overlay Mod

    Ok so i've seen several of you guys putting driving/fog lights behind your billet grilles. Well I ordered the factory Toyota billet grille overlay but didn't realize it wasn't like the Carriage Works grill where you cut out the center section of the stock grille shell. Well I modified my overlay...
  6. Fog Light Installation on 2002 V6 Tundra Access Cab w/o Factory Installed Fogs

    I wanted to increase side vision using OEM fog lights where I had blank plates for 10 years. My objectives were to avoid using any OEM parts from Toyota (due to cost) and also overcome limitations I've read about here with factory wiring, such as fog lights not working with high beams on. I'm...
  7. 2001 Toyota Tundra Fog light problem.

    I just checked both my fog lights on my 2001 Toyota Tundar 2WD V8 and both were blown. I bought replacements ($18 bucks) and installed them, I just have not connected the wiring harness back as of yet. I checked the fuse under the hood and it is good. I think there is also a relay there for fog...