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fog lights

  1. 2004 Tundra Fog Light Wiring Harness

    Hello, I have a 04' Tundra Base model. I am looking to mount a couple light bars in the valence in between the license plate and I wanted to use the fog light harness already provided for simplicity but I cannot locate the harness in the cab of the truck. Any ideas?
  2. Suggested Winch Bumper? Fog Lights

    I just bought a 2013 Crew Max. It didn't come with fog lights and looking to get some. What are some suggestions? Also, interested in a winch bumper but pricing is all over the board. Thoughts on manufacturer? Thanks
  3. Tundra Fog Light Wiring Problem

    Hi All, I have looked throught these forums from time to time and have found great information. I registered today to see if I can get a solid answer to my wiring problem. I know much has been written on this but I really have not found the specific answer. I have a 2007 Tundra SR5. It is...
  4. 2001 Toyota Tundra Fog light problem.

    I just checked both my fog lights on my 2001 Toyota Tundar 2WD V8 and both were blown. I bought replacements ($18 bucks) and installed them, I just have not connected the wiring harness back as of yet. I checked the fuse under the hood and it is good. I think there is also a relay there for fog...

    Can someone please send me a copy of the fog lamp/lighting wiring diagram for a 2001 tundra w/ factory fog lamps? My fog lamps were working up until today ,and now they wont come on. I am in the low beam postion, because I have not moded my fogs, but still no lights. Can someone tell me where...
  6. Fog lights on XL

    I recently purchased a '09 Avalon XL with leather, moonroof, seat heaters, etc options. But it does not have fog lights and I would like to install some OEM style lights in the factory fog light mounting locations. Please provide me with help on where I can pick these up and what it may cost...
  7. 03 Tundra Fog Lights

    So I have a 03 Tundra Ext Cab and want to upgrade my lights. I already have some HID head lights from XenonGuru. I want to put on some halogen fog lights. Any suggestions for some good fog lights. I don't have the mounts or anything yet, so I'd need the whole package. Also, i've read that if...
  8. 06 Tacoma OEM fog light install with no wiring harness ?

    Hello, I am Eric from SE NC and I have an 06 Tacoma that I would like to do an OEM fog light install. I just got my Lamps, switch, and relay but found out that I do not have the harness installed in my Tacoma. What is my best solution for wiring the lights ? I also need the plug that my...