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  1. 2010 Toyota Tundra - Reg Cab Short Bed - 5.7L - Built

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    Doing a feeler for my 'work' truck as it doesn't get used much / at all and I could certainly use the funds. I love the truck and would hate to see it go but perhaps it's time to part with this one. Just got done doing a full suspension rebuild / update - front coil overs rebuild with new...
  2. FOX 2.0 Coilovers****search not working right

    Ok so the search isn't working very well, only had 1 thread come up for the search of 'FOX'. So does anyone on here have these coilovers? If so please provide some feedback. Stopped by a local off-road shop today, and I can get these for $800 for the pair. They are the adjustable ones. I...
  3. Total Chaos U.C.A and Fox Shocks

    Hi everyone. I'm thinking about taking my tundra to the next level, and have always admired the long travel suspension setups on prerunners. I can't afford to go fully long travel at this point, but I may be able to do the next best thing, and put on some Total Chaos U.C.A's with Fox Remote...
  4. Rear 5100's or FOX... Last minute change before install!!

    Hello everybody -- The time has come for the famous 5100 front, rear, and AAL from(Wheeler's) install on my 05' TRD 4wd. This is all scheduled for Tuesday June 1. Now I have second thoughts on the rear 5100's. I've been looking at the FOX rear shocks part #FOX980-02-421-A from Off Road Warehouse...