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frame rust

  1. 2002 frame rust problem - now what?

    I got my oil changed in my 2002 Tundra the other day, and my mechanic noticed that I had a rust HOLE in the frame, in the front by the sway bar. I called the dealer, and was told that I didn't take it in during the recall, and so therefore I was SOL. Just got a call back from Toyota, same...
  2. Frame recall resulted in broken tail light and potentially some dents

    I honestly have had no luck with this local dealer with my Tundra. They have been fine with my Rav4, but they break things when I take the Tundra in. I took my 06 DC (TRD) in for the frame recall. I knew my frame was pretty clean, so it was just a few days to coat it and let it dry. I go to...
  3. Question: 2000 to 2003 Frame swap

    Hi, I am new here. If this is not in the correct section please feel free to move it. I also want to apologize if this was discussed before, I did a search and found multiple threads dealing with the frame rust issues but did not find any that dealt with my question. My question: Is a frame...
  4. Newbie with 2005 Sequoia 4WD int. in Rust Recall, Timing Belt, Tires & TPMS!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi! Just picked up a "new to me" 2005 Sequoia SR5 4WD, leather with 104,500ish miles. Wondering about status of rust recall on 2005's (not sure)... Also, timing belt / water pump / related parts have NOT been done. Not sure how critical this one is. Need new tires soon... looking for...
  5. 2001 Sequoia Frame rusted out

    My 2001 Sequoia was just denied inspection due to excessive rust though of the frame. This is tyhe same frame as the Tundra that has been recalled by Toyota due to numerous issues. I'm trying to find owners of 2001-2003 Sequoia's with the same issue. Toyota has told me that I'm out of luck. My...