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  1. 2Gen-Tundra
    Hello, I am looking to replace my 2007 Toyota Tundra 5.7L front bumper with a EMBARK FRONT BULL BAR BUMPER KIT. Is there any difficulties removing the stock front bumper? Thank you, Justin
  2. New Member Introductions
    New member. Have a nice set of Enkei deep six wheels Gathering dust if anyone wants to make an offer. located in southern utah. Also want to trade my 2001 tundra front bumper for a 2003-2004 tundra bumper.
  3. 1Gen-Sequoia
    Hey all, I came across a local craigslist posting for a "99 tundra" off-road bumper. It's pretty darn cheap so I'm definitely going to check it out saturday, take some measurements and send some photos to my toyota 4x4 guy to check for compatibility for my 02. In the meantime though I wanted to...
  4. 1Gen-Tundra
    Okay.. before everyone starts to go on a rant! YES YES! I did do many of searches but come up with nothing on how to remove the front bumper off the AC Tundra model... so here is the problem.. i am trying to narrow down the popping or clunking noise coming from the front passenger side of my...
  5. 1Gen-Tundra
    Aloha. I want to replace my front bumper with something a bit more rigid and useful. I have done a bit of research on replacement bumpers and want to hear from other Tundra owners about the pros and cons of any replacement bumpers you all have installed. Thanks. Tim
  6. 2Gen-Tundra
    I would like to put this on my tundra. Is this a custom made front bumper or does someone sell it.
1-6 of 7 Results